Michelin Star Restaurants in Palma Mallorca Island – Spain

Mallorca Island is a well known destination for sun & beach lovers.

With its vibrant capital city Palma, the island features countless golden sand beaches, beautiful ocean front hotels and exquisite fish and sea food restaurants.

It’s really not hard to find a quick place to have a quiet dinner at a fairly decent price, while tasting the wonderful Spanish cuisine, especially their highly appreciated specials: fresh seafood and fish, tapas and paella.


The question is set: are tapas, paella and other well known dishes the best cuisine Spain has to offer?


Below is the example of a Spanish regional cuisine special: Seafood Paella!


spanish special dish - seafood paella
Is Seafood Paella a Proper Spanish Dish?


Paella is a regional dish from Valencia, a Mediterranean Coastal city in East of Spain

Actually Paella is not a traditional national dish from whole of Spain, despite of being well known – and for good reasons – paella is a regional rice dish from Valencia.


On the other hand, tapas and pinchos are almost like a way of living. If there’s a dish that represents the Spanish way of living, tapas and pinchos are the ones!


spanish tapas and pinchos
Lovely Tapas and Pinchos Dish


Palma, like any other Spanish city, has wonderful regional dishes that of course include tapas, pinchos, paellas, tortillas, but mostly the very well know – but not for every one – Frito Mallorquin and Pa amb Oli that roughly translated mean: Mallorca Fry and Bread & Oil (olive). Don’t let the name deceive you… they’re a must if you’re in Mallorca!


That said, we all know that there are dinners and there are proper dinners, and for the last ones, we pick up a special list of the finest Michelin star rated restaurants in Palma Mallorca! By choosing one of these, you’re guaranteed to impress and have a wonderful night.


Michelin Star Restaurants in Mallorca

Below are the 2017 Michelin Star restaurants available in Mallorca Island.


Zaranda Restaurant– 2 Michelin stars, the best rated (by Michelin) restaurant in Mallorca

Address: Castell Son Claret, Carretera Capdella- Galilea Km. 1.7 , Capdella- Illes Balears
Telephone for reservations: +34 680 60 25 80 and +34 971 138 627
Email for reservations: zaranda@zaranda.es


Other great options are:


Adrián Quetglas Restaurant  – 1 Michelin star

Address: Paseo Mallorca, 20 – 07012 Palma
Telephone for reservations: +34 971 781 119
Email for reservations: info@adrianquetglas.es


Andreu Genestra Restaurant – 1 Michelin star

Address: Hotel Predí Son Jaumell, Carretera Cala Mesquida, 1. Desvío Camino Son Moltó. 07580. Capdepera – Mallorca.
Telephone for reservations: +34 608 578 198 +34 971 565 910
Email: reservas@andreugenestra.com


Argos Restaurant – 1 Michelin star

Address: Puerto Pollenesa, Passeig Saralegui 118, 07470 Mallorca

Reservations Telephone: +34 9718 65 902

Reservations Email: hello@argosrestaurant.com


Other Michelin restaurants in Majorca:


There are plenty of Michelin Star rated restaurants in Mallorca (9 to be exact), so there’s a lot for you to see. We personally recommend that you visit both Andreu Genestra, Adrián or the famous Zaranda, but you won’t be disappointed with either of the 9.


Ho! After going, pass on and drop us a line 🙂


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