Video & Images – Vacations on Luxury Yachts

There’s nothing more pleasant than spending time (the most precious of all luxuries), comfortable settled,  enjoying the utmost peace and quiet in the most scenic paradisical landscape while appreciating the company of your loved ones.


This is what makes a Vacation or Getaway unforgettable!

If you are searching for the dream vacation of a lifetime, why don’t you consider booking a vacation on a chartered luxury yacht?

You’ll probably need to prepare for this dazzling opportunity and investment of money (even if you are a multimillionaire) and the best way is by doing some research and getting ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

Remember that a luxury yacht vacation often includes great sporting (like sports fishing or jet-skying) opportunities, so make sure you are in shape before your departure date!

There are many holiday makers that set off on vacation, only to come home and regret how they look in the holiday snaps. Some exercise before you go works wonders and you’ll be Insta ready and fit in no time!


Does it require experience with boating?

No! Luxury yachts come fully staffed with a crew that is ready and waiting to meet your every wish. The captain should know the chosen area very well and will be able to take you wherever your heart desires.

If you are looking for a quiet beach, he’ll get you there. If you want a mountainous adventure, he will most likely know the perfect spot. Nevertheless, you will have always a GPS and maps that can help you with guidance and suggestions. In addition to the captain, you will also have hired staff to take care of all your meals, drinks, and housekeeping.


No fixed time schedules or itinerary

Unlike cruise ships that are designed to meet the needs of massive amounts of people, you and your family will decide what to do and when to do it. The vacation is entirely flexibly and the crew should be able to meet all your individual needs.


Watersports galore!

Most yachts come equipped with snorkel gear, as well as jet skis and other water toys that will be at your disposable. Floats, small kayaks, scuba gear, and fishing gear may also be onboard for you to use.


Pricing for a luxury yacht vacation

Most charter vacation prices are inclusive; taking into consideration the cost for all meals, sports, docking fees, housekeeping, drinks, and airport transfer fees. It may also include crew gratuities, but be sure to check.

Keeping that in mind, most vacations for one week for approximately six people will cost you anywhere from $35,000 to $350,000! This is no small fee, so be sure you have chosen your charter service carefully and after much research.


If you can afford a yacht vacation, it will surely be one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life. You get the secluded privacy a yacht offer, unparalleled service and luxury, opportunities to see new places that larger cruise ships cannot get to, more water activities than you can imagine, and most importantly- a chance to bond with the people you love most.


Are you already thinking of what to do on your next vacations? Why don’t you book a Sunseeker Predator 72? Check some images below!


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